Room K1 - Mrs. Schmidt



              Welcome to Mrs. Schmidt's Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten is such an exciting place for learning and making new friends!  I like kindergarten so much that I have been here for 14 years!  I am so glad that we get to experience it together.  At the beginning of the school year it is helpful if your child comes to class with the following skills in place.

1)Knowledge of his/her first and last name,age (birthday), and where s/he lives,phone number.  


2)Write his/her first name with capital letter only at the beginning.   


3)Sing the ABC song and recognize at least the letters in his/her name.

4)Count to 10 or higher and recognize those numbers.

5)Tie his/her shoes.

6)Share and be kind to others.

7)Sit still and attentive for at least 15 minutes at a time.

       Read to your child every day.  Ask questions and talk to him/her regularly.

                                         This will teach him to love to learn.

There are many areas of learning that we will be working on this year.  Please be sure you are working hard at home to always supplement and reinforce what we learn at school.

Parents are teachers too.