Month Concepts

On this page you will find what the students are studying in class for the month. 

Langauge Arts:

As we enter the 3rd. and final trimester of the year we are getting ready for the STAR.  We are working on sentence structure, identifying words, and returning to sounds found in different locations of words.     


Students are going to be focusing on narrative writing.  We are working on writing stories with great detail of setting and characters, beginning, middle, ends and problem with solution. 


We will also be doing a report on a dinosaur!

High Frequency Words for Theme 4

important, bought, whole, board, believe, between, care, weigh, ago, field, war, half, listen,  

Remember, these are words that can not be sounded out and will need to be read often to master.  Students should be able to read the word within 3-5 seconds for mastery.



Students are constantly reviewing money and regrouping as these seem to be the most challenging

concepts for them.  We jumping into learning geometry and follow up with mulitplication. 

 Students need to practice their addition and subtraction math facts.  A very small percentage has passed their time tests.  Please make or purchase flash cards for your child to practice at home nightly.  I have aslo sent home other math fact practice sheets to help your child practice their math facts.