2nd. Grade Weekly Homework


          The purpose for homework is to help students practice and reinforce what they have learned in class. Students are responsible for their learning, so this is to help them do their best.  Students will be doing homework Monday through Thursday nights, and it shouldn’t take more than 20 mins.  If it is difficult to read during the week you can make up time on weekends when you have more time to enjoy sharing literature with your child.


Math: Complete math assignment sent home.


Reading: Read 20 minutes a day and record the book on the log. We check 2 books our from the library weekly.  You may also take your child to the public library to find new books that may interest them.  Books on tape where the child follows along as they listen to the book is also a great way to practice reading.


Homework Folder: Your child will have a folder that comes home nightly that is to be used for homework.  It has a variety of information that will help with nightly homework.  Inside the folder you will also find work they have completed at school, paper books to read, word cards, and nightly homework.  This folder goes with your child daily to and from school.


***  Homework not completed or turned in will be finished at recess. ***



Discipline Policy


        In order to maintain a positive classroom climate that fosters learning for each child, the following rules will be used:




1.   Raise your hand to speak.

2.   Listen carefully and work quietly.

3.   Follow directions.

4.   Respect others, school, and personal property.

5.   Work and play safely.




Green Card:  Great Day!

Name on the board:  Warnin

One check: Miss one recess.

Two checks: Phone call home and possible visit to Mr. Smith depending on offense.


***  Homework that is not completed and handed in will be finished at recess.   ***