Homework Policy:


  The following homework policy is designed to


accommodate families with busy lifestyles*


while fostering a sense of organization


and responsiblility for students.

  • Read 20 minutes nightly, record reading on the Taylor Reading Incentive Program (TRIP) log.  Students are encouraged to read seven days a week.  Reading logs are due every 25 days.
  • Math, complete work assigned during class.  If the work was completed during the class period or the mathbook was fogotten, all students are required to spend 20 min. writing multiplication or division problems to replace the missing homework for that night.  All missed assignment completed by the end of the week will recieve credit.
  • Spelling, practice spelling words nightly for the Friday spelling test.  Students take a spelling pre-test on Mondays and are to bring home their spelling lists to practice throughout the week.
  • Projects/Reports,  during trimesters there may be science, social studies, art, or other assignments that will require family involvement and weekend work.

* I understand that "life" happens and occasionally it is impossible to complete the assigned homework or or your child may be struggling with a new concept.  If this occurs, please spend no longer than one hour on the homework and let me know by note of your child's difficulties.

Homework Helpers:


    Math- our text book has a website where you can download lessons that go


right along with what we are teaching that day.  This is an excellent resource if

 your child forgot thier math book. 


Each student has their own user name and password issued by their teacher.  I will provide this at "back to school night."


Student access page to math lessons:





   Lanuage Arts- the reading text has a website to explore concepts and







   Home Reading Log -


    Spelling -
   Science -
   Social Studies -
   Art -
Classroom telephone: 361-6285