Room E25 - Mrs. Ybarra

Welcome to Mrs. Ybarra's 6th

 Grade Home Page 

Welcome to a wonderful 6th grade year at Taylor School.  It will be a very fun and exciting year with many field trips, fun activities, and a lot to learn to become productive citizens in todays society.  We (parents, students and I) will work hard together as a team, to master the California State Standards. 

I will be planning many lessons for whole groups, small groups, and individual children.  The most important thing I consider when planning instruction is the specific needs of your child and the elements of a balanced program.  These elements include my reading aloud, shared reading, guided reading at the appropriate instructional level, independent reading to build fluency, and modeled, shared, and independent writing.

I will work hard to prepare students for 7th grade.  In order to prepare them, they will be expected to be responsible, young adults.  This includes turning in their work on time, studying for tests, completing assigned projects, and coming to school each and every day prepared and ready to learn.  Jr. High is very different from elementary school.  I want them to fit right in and feel comfortable with their surroundings.

I have three sons, Anthony, Peter and Kameron, and my husband's name is Pete.  I received my bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies from Cal Poly, my credential from National University in Los Angeles, and I just recently received my master's degree and credential in Educational Administration.  I taught dance for fifteen years at Adkins Dance Center, but recently retired to be at home with my boys.  I love to scrapbook and watch Lifetime!!

My door is always open and I look forward to a wonderful school year.  I welcome parents to volunteer in the classroom...your help is always wanted and appreciated!  Whenever you have a question, comment or concern, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My email is, or I can also be reached in my classroom at 361-6298.

I will work hard to provide a solid education for my students and I expect them to work hard as well!!!