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Imagine Engine

  MobyMax.comhttp://earobics.hmhco.com/ca/santamariabonita/?module=Auth&action=EvaluatorRegistrationsumdog.com OARSAnimal WatchBrain Pop

     I’m the Computer Lab Tech. Mr. M is what students call me. I created this page to simplify and organize the navigation between educational websites and pages for students. All the links to pages have been requested by Teachers, and some I
found on my own. 

     Most websites that are free contain ads and other links to support their site. Parents need to be aware that any page have links and adds that may take the viewer out from the intended website. 

Students should be monitored at ... All Times when browsing the internet!!

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More Starfall

Success Maker

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  Free Websites:
 http://www.spellingcity.com/ida-redmond-taylor-elementary-school-santa-maria-ca.htmlStory Starters KSBY.comtimeforkids.com
Kids National Geographic
 http://americanfolklore.net/folklore/heroes-champions/ seussville.com 

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Please state on Subject heading: Taylor’s Webpage Suggestion/Report